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Royal Caribbeanoffers the ultimate cruise ship accommodation and with plenty of different room options, we’re sure there is one to suit every need and budget.

With so much to do and see onboard it is essential you have a blissful retreat to return to. Royal Caribbean have thought long and hard about their stateroom design and offer everything you need and more for your stay. From the dedicated stateroom attendant to the heavenly beds and serene décor, you will be able to have a blissful night’s sleep after a busy day. These rooms also offer the perfect place to get ready for a day of exploring or sprucing up for a glamorous evening onboard.

Stateroom Categories

Interior Stateroom– The best option for tight budgets, an interior room offers a comfortable stateroom with no outside view. Light or irregular sleepers will find this room ideal since there is no natural light to awaken them. Despite having no window or balcony, Royal Caribbean understands the need for that perfect view, and some interior staterooms have Virtual Balconies, which are 80 inch floor-to-ceiling high definition screens that stream real-time footage from outside into your stateroom. On selected ships you can book an interior view, which means you can view parades and other activities happening in the Royal Promenade, Central Park or the Boardwalk from your own room.

Each Interior stateroom includes:Either a Royal king size bed or two twin beds, private bathroom with shower, vanity area, a TV and telephone, fridge or minibar, hair-dryer and 24 hour room service.

Oceanview Stateroom– Outside rooms ensure you can take advantage of the spectacular views and ports you will be visiting. Oceanview staterooms on Royal Caribbean boast a large window for you to make the most of the memorable views that pass.

Each Oceanview stateroom includes: A spectacular view of the ocean, either a Royal king size bed or two twin beds, private bathroom with shower, vanity area, a TV and telephone, fridge or minibar, hair-dryer and 24 hour room service.

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Owner's Suite

Balcony Stateroom– One of the most popular choices of cruise accommodation, an outside balcony stateroom enables you to take full advantage of being at sea. Enjoy waking up to the fresh sea breeze, be close to the scenery when pulling into port and indulge on some champagne as the sun sets. Book an inside stateroom, for a private balcony area overlooking Central Park or the Boardwalk on selected ships. The Boardwalk balconies will give you phenomenal views of the incredible water shows.


Each Balcony stateroom (dependent on which type) includes: Your own private balcony with views of either the sea, Boardwalk or Central Park, either a Royal king size bed or two twin beds, private bathroom with shower, vanity area, a TV and telephone, fridge or minibar, hair-dryer and 24 hour room service.
Suites and Deluxe Staterooms– If you want the most premium accommodation available, the suites on Royal Caribbean showcase a luxurious room bursting with extra amenities and fine décor. More than just a bigger room, you’ll also benefit from a complimentary luggage valet service and concierge service, plus priority check in and departure. Full breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available for room service. Take your luxurious experience to greater heights with options such as your own Jacuzzi or baby grand piano.
Included in this type of category: Your own private balcony with sea views, either a Royal king size bed or two twin beds, private bathroom with bathtub, vanity area, a TV and telephone, fridge or minibar, hair-dryer and 24 hour room service.

Loft Suites– Unique to the Oasis class ships, these rooms are revolutionary and completely changed the dynamic of cruise ship accommodation. With a loft apartment design, these two-story rooms boast floor to ceiling panoramic windows, and dependant on the suite, additional luxuries such as indoor and outdoor dining rooms, a private wet bar, library and an extended balcony with LCD television, Jacuzzi and entertainment area.

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Royal Loft Suite

Single Staterooms – Only available on a number of Royal Caribbean ships. these cabins are perfect for those travelling alone.

Accessible Staterooms– Every ship has a number of accessible cabins for those who require them; they feature wider doorways, hand rails and seat showers.

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Royal Suite Class

Thanks to Royal Caribbean's Suite Class, you don't have to go on a small ship cruise to find luxury accommodation and amenities. Available on all Oasis Class ships, as well as Anthem of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas, guests can choose between Sky, Sea and Star tiers to make their stay in a suite even more memorable.


Available for those staying in a Junior Suite or Junior Suite with Large Balcony, the following benefits can be enjoyed:

  • Access to Coastal Kitchen for dinner
  • Luxury pillowtop mattresses
  • Premium bathroom products


If you choose a Sky tier suite, enjoy the same benefits as the Sea tier, as well as the following:

  • Exclusive concierge service
  • Internet access
  • Access to exclusive areas including the Suite Lounge and Suite sun deck
  • Priority boarding, departure and dining reservations, plus reserved seating in select entertainment venues
  • Bottled water when you arrive


The most exclusive tier with the best suites onboard, luxurious Star tier benefits include:

  • Royal Genie to help personalise your cruise
  • Complimentary access to Specialty Restaurants, as well as access to Coastal Kitchen
  • Deluxe beverage package and a complimentary minibar
  • Unlimited internet and complimentary daily gratuities
  • Expedited boarding and departure
  • Best seats in select entertainment venues
  • Access to the Sun Suite Deck
  • Laundry and Ironing Services

Best Cruise Accommodation for Families

Adjoining rooms–Available on all Quantum Class ships, Family Connected Junior Suites allow families of all age groups to stay close together and have their own personal space big enough for everyone to relax in.

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Pullman, bunk and sofa beds–Perfect for smaller budgets, these rooms feature additional beds as well as the main beds. These options are available in most Interior, Oceanview and Balcony staterooms.

  • Pullman beds: Allowing for extra room in the stateroom, these beds fit within the wall or ceiling and can be put away during the day.
  • Sofa beds: Used as a sofa during the day, these can be folded out as beds at night-time.
  • Bunk beds: If you require a bunk bed for your children, these are always available on request.

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Stateroom services

Stateroom Attendant –The one person sure to become your best friend during a Royal Caribbean cruise, your stateroom attendant is on hand to take care of your every need 24 hours a day. With a constant smile on their face they love to hear about your day, leave treats on your pillow and make your room look immaculate for every time you return. There is nothing they cannot help you with. Like a walking ship guide, they can give you advice, guidance and help with any queries you may have about the ship or on shore. Whether you need fresh towels, your clothes pressed or a top-up of your mini bar, in an instance everything is at your fingertips.

Already booked?

Remember that in most cases it is possible to change or upgrade your stateroom selection before departure. Call our customer care team to enquire about cabin changes: 0203 696 9453.

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What do the room codes mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

The basic difference between each category code is the stateroom location and/or size of the room. The lower the number, the more desirable the cabin, in terms of size or location on the ship. As the numbers start to climb, you will find rooms further away from the mid-ship, as well as less square-footage.

What are the cabin types on cruise ships? ›

Cruise ships have four types of cabins (also known as staterooms) namely, inside cabins, outside cabins, balcony cabins, and suites. Inside or Interior cabins are the smallest of the lot and have no windows, this usually makes them the most affordable.

What is the best cabin position on a cruise ship? ›

You want to be as close to the pivot point as possible to feel the least movement. Avoid cabins near the front (bow) or back (stern) and on decks higher than the middle deck of the ship. So, on a ship with fourteen passenger decks, your best options are below deck seven.

What deck level is best on a cruise ship? ›

The nicest and most expensive cabins on any ship are generally on the highest decks. That typically means just below the pool deck. However, the pool deck is often the loudest during the day (and often well into the night).

Is it worth getting a balcony on a cruise? ›

Balcony cabins are great for giving you that much needed bit of personal space when you're both in the room. If he wants to nap but you're wide awake, a balcony offers you a place to hang out without worrying if you're making too much noise or using too bright lights.

What are the secret codes on cruise ship doors? ›

There Is Secret Cruise Code Language

An “Alpha” is a medical emergency, a “Bravo” is a fire, and “Kilo” is a request for all personnel to report to their emergency posts, which happens in the event of, say, a necessary evacuation.

Do suites get free drinks on Royal Caribbean? ›


Reserved exclusively for guests of Grand Suite-level accommodations and above, the Suite Lounge serves complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks. From croissants to your favorite drink, we've got your cravings covered.

Is there a fridge in Royal Caribbean staterooms? ›

Each Interior stateroom includes: Either a Royal king size bed or two twin beds, private bathroom with shower, vanity area, a TV and telephone, fridge or minibar, hair-dryer and 24 hour room service.

What do the cabin categories mean? ›

To make it less confusing, remember there are really just four main kinds of cabins: insides without windows, outsides with windows, balcony cabins, and suites. Within these main groupings, cruise lines offer many categories of cabins based on size, position, or amenities.

Which cabin category has no window? ›

An inside cabin has no window and therefore no access to natural light or fresh air. Both standard inside and balcony categories are designed for double occupancy, but some rooms in either category can sleep up to four.

Is a stateroom the same as a cabin? ›

A stateroom and a cabin are the same thing, both being generic terms that refer to any accommodations aboard a ship. A balcony and a veranda are also the same thing. A French Balcony is, however, different. Typically, a "French balcony" is very narrow and is not large enough to accommodate furniture.

Where should you not stay on a cruise? ›

Cruise Ship Cabins to Avoid
  • Cabins with obstructed views. ...
  • Cabins with a connecting door. ...
  • Those that are close to the lifts or stairs. ...
  • Staterooms that are too far from the lifts or stairs. ...
  • Cabins near the laundry room. ...
  • Beware of cabins with little privacy. ...
  • Staterooms directly below public and entertainment areas.
Jan 17, 2023

What is a good tip for a cabin steward on a cruise? ›

There aren't any hard-and-fast guidelines for this type of tip since it's contingent on your experience, but $25 to $40 on behalf of a couple roughly works out to an extra $2 to $3 per person, per day, for a seven-night cruise.

What is the best balcony on a cruise ship? ›

Rear-facing balcony cabins are among the best balcony cabins on any ship. Often, their balconies are bigger than balconies on side-facing cabins and they also feel quiet. There are far fewer balcony cabins at the back of a ship than on the sides of a ship, so you don't hear a lot of noise from your neighbors.

Which side of a cruise ship is better? ›

The truth, though, is this: There's no “better” side of the ship. It doesn't matter where you're going, or what river you're sailing on, or even what ship you're sailing aboard. Both sides of the ship are created equal. The trouble with trying to pick a side of the ship based on something you'd like to see is this.

Is it better to be in front or back of cruise ship? ›

The back of the ship tends to be considered the next best cabin position after midships. Whilst the front of the ship gets the most movement the back also does get some. Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as the front of the ship, you may still notice some movement in rough seas.

Are prepaid gratuities worth it on a cruise? ›

For most, prepaying gratuities is a great way to keep track of your overall cruise budget. If they're paid for and out of the way, you won't accidentally spend your gratuity money while onboard or in port or receive a large(r) bill at the end of the sailing.

What not to do on a cruise ship balcony? ›

What You Can Not Do On A Balcony
  • Stand Or Climb On Railings. Standing or climbing on balcony railings on a cruise ship is dangerous and could not end well for you. ...
  • Leave The Balcony Door Open. ...
  • Throw Things Off. ...
  • Hang Clothing Off The Balcony. ...
  • Sunbathe Naked. ...
  • Play Loud Music. ...
  • Smoke Cigarettes. ...
  • Keep The Lights On.

How many suitcases can you take on a cruise? ›

The best news about packing is that there is no (reasonable) limit on how much you can bring on a cruise. Most cruise lines “encourage” each passenger to limit luggage to two suitcases, each one less than 50 pounds. In addition, you can also bring carry-on luggage (more on that in a moment).

Can you leave your balcony door open on cruise? ›

Do not leave the balcony door open! Doing so not only messes with the ship's air conditioning system, but it can create the “mother of all air tunnels” should you open your hallway door.

What does a pineapple on a cruise door mean? ›

On a cruise ship, the secret symbol of an upside-down pineapple is regularly used as a code for swinging or “wife-swapping”. In most cases, an illustrated and upside-down pineapple is fixed to the cabin door of a guest interested in swinging and partner swapping.

What does Charlie Charlie Charlie mean on a cruise? ›

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie is the code for a security threat aboard Royal Caribbean ships and the code for upcoming helicopter winch operations aboard c-bed accommodation vessels. Code Blue usually means a medical emergency. Delta, Delta, Delta is the code for a possible bio-hazard among some cruise lines.

What does code mike mean on a cruise ship? ›

What does Mike mean on a cruise ship? The code “Mike” is used by the cruise line Oceania Cruises to communicate to the crew that there is a medical emergency on board that requires urgent attention. Therefore, the code “Mike” performs a similar function to Alpha, but on Oceania Cruises only.

Can I bring a 12 pack of soda on Royal Caribbean? ›

Non-alcoholic beverages may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom. Milk and distilled water brought on for infant, medical, or dietary use are permitted.

Is it worth getting a drinks package on Royal Caribbean? ›

For most people, the answer is yes. Even if you don't drink alcoholic beverages all day every day, you'll be able to drink specialty coffees, bottled water, and sodas. These non-alcoholic costs can add up quickly, so it is important to keep them in mind when debating on if the drink package is worth the splurge or not.

Is bottled water free on Royal Caribbean? ›

Royal Caribbean's most inclusive (and most expensive) package is the Deluxe Beverage Package. It covers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This includes soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, bottled water, sparkling water, specialty coffees and teas, and fresh-squeezed juices.

What time are rooms ready on Royal Caribbean? ›

By 1pm, your stateroom will be ready and that means you can check out your new home, drop off any carry on luggage you brought and start enjoying the benefits of your room.

Can you order food to your room on a cruise? ›

Room service is an amenity that allows passengers to order food to be delivered to their cruise ship cabins. Menus are generally provided in each stateroom.

Does Royal Caribbean have hair dryers in their staterooms? ›

Yep, each one of our rooms is provided with a hairdryer to style your hair. Can I take my hair straighteners/curling iron onboard? Yes, you can bring along your curling irons and hair straighteners, so you can choose between the tousled beach look and smouldering poker straight hair.

What are the different cabin types? ›

There are four basic stateroom types (and of course, some outliers).
  • Inside Staterooms.
  • Ocean View Staterooms.
  • Verandah Staterooms.
  • Suites.
  • Location.
  • Views.
  • Size & Shape.
  • Window or Verandah Type.
Oct 26, 2017

What does 4N mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

4N - Ocean View Two twin beds that convert to Royal King and private bathroom. Up to 4 guests. Stateroom: 120 sq. ft.

What is the difference between an ocean view cabin and a balcony cabin? ›

The key difference between oceanview rooms and balcony cabins is, of course, one has a window and the other has a private verandah, usually furnished with a couple of chairs and a drinks table. Oceanview cabins can have either a rectangular window or a round porthole, which typically do not open.

What is a fully accessible cabin? ›

Fully Accessible Cabins (FAC): These staterooms are designed for use by guests with highly limited mobility or no mobility, who require the regular use of a wheelchair, scooter or other similar assistive devices.

What cabin is cabin 5? ›

Cabin Five: Ares' Cabin.

Do you share cabin on cruise ship? ›

All cruise ship cabins sleep at least two people, unless they are designated as solo cabins and intended for a single traveler. However, many cruise ship staterooms can sleep additional guests -- up to five in regular cabins, though three and four are more common.

Do staterooms have bathrooms? ›

Rooms on cruise ships -- called "cabins" or "staterooms" -- are like hotel rooms in that each features a bed, desk or vanity, closet, drawer space, and en suite bathroom.

Can you watch Netflix on a cruise? ›

First things first, if you want to stream Netflix, you'll need to purchase an wi-fi access on the cruise. Wi-fi Internet is available on every major cruise ship.

What months should you not go on a cruise? ›

Storms in August and October have a moderate risk of developing into hurricanes while September has the highest risk of all. For these reasons, September is the worst month of the year to take a cruise.

Where is the noisiest part of a cruise ship? ›

The areas around elevator banks and stairways on cruise ships can be noisy, just like they can be at land-based resorts and hotels. You'll get people milling around talking as they wait for an elevator car. On some ships, you'll also hear a distinctive chime every time an elevator arrives.

What is the safest time of year to go on a cruise? ›

November through April is the dry season, and these months are marked by unbelievably clear days when almost any plans you make are safe from the weather's interruption. For this reason, the dry season is one of the best times to go on a cruise to the idyllic Caribbean islands.

What happens if you don't tip on a cruise? ›

What happens if you don't tip on a cruise? Most cruise lines work on the basis that the crew members' pay structure is based on receiving tips. If you choose not to tip, for whatever reason, you are impacting the salaries of the crew who have served you so well during your cruise.

How much money should I take on a cruise? ›

As a general rule, plan to have $50 to $100 each day in the local currency. Also, you may want to bring an extra $20 a day for tipping crew members. Make sure to include smaller bills for tips. Fifty to a hundred dollars a day should be enough to cover small purchases, tips and snacks at each port.

Do I tip at dinner on a cruise? ›

Cruise lines are very upfront about their tipping policies. Unless you are on an all-inclusive ship that covers gratuities in the cruise fare, such as luxury cruise lines Azamara, Seabourn, Silversea, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, and Virgin Voyages, it is recommended that you tip the crew.

What is the best floor to stay on a cruise ship? ›

You want to be as close to the pivot point as possible to feel the least movement. Avoid cabins near the front (bow) or back (stern) and on decks higher than the middle deck of the ship. So, on a ship with fourteen passenger decks, your best options are below deck seven.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a balcony on a cruise? ›

Balcony cabins on cruise ships are more spacious due to the outside space. They have spectacular ocean views, fresh sea air, and a private seating area. Although these cabins are more expensive, the rewards of a private balcony sometimes outweigh the cost. If it fits within your budget, balcony cabins are worth it!

What are the different levels on Royal Caribbean? ›

Emerald (55-79 points). Diamond (80-174 points). Diamond Plus (175-699 points). Pinnacle Club (700 or more points).

What is Category 2C on Royal Caribbean? ›

Category 2C staterooms have two twin beds that convert to a Royal King, a sitting area with sofa, a full bathroom and private balcony. This cabin offers 182 square feet of living space, along with a sofa to sit on during the day.

What does Category 2B mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

Category 2B staterooms have two twin beds that convert to a Royal King. In addition, there is a sitting area, private balcony, and a private bathroom.

How do you get free crown and anchor points? ›

How do I earn points? Crown and Anchor membership is complimentary and points are earned every night spent onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. The scheme works on a "1 point per night" system with 2 points per night being awarded for a Junior Suite or above category.

How many points do you get per night on Royal Caribbean? ›

You can earn one Cruise Point for every cruise night you sail with us, and DOUBLE the points when you purchase a suite. For instance, if you complete a 7-night cruise, you'll earn 7 Cruise Points, and when you purchase a suite you'll earn 14 Cruise Points.

What is the newest class of Royal Caribbean ships? ›

Quantum class. Ships in class: Quantum of the Seas (2014), Anthem of the Seas (2015), Ovation of the Seas (2016), Spectrum of the Seas (2019) and Odyssey of the Seas (2021). Size: 168,666 to 169,379 tons. Unveiled in 2014, the Quantum class is Royal Caribbean's newest class — and perhaps its most innovative class ever.

What is the best side of a cruise ship to be on? ›

starboard side of the ship is best to stay on. Your decision will depend on a variety of factors, from your stateroom type to your cruise itinerary. Here are helpful tips for choosing which side of the ship will suit you best.

What does XB mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

Such promotional GTY categories are defined as follows: WS Suite/Deluxe. XB Balcony Stateroom. YO Oceanview Stateroom.

What does Category 4B mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

Category 4B - Spacious Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony. Description: Spacious Balcony staterooms have two twin beds that convert to a Royal King, a private balcony, a sitting area with sofa, and bathroom.

What does 2B and 4B mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

We prefer to have some noticeable motion while under way and like the forced extra walking, so for us 4B would be an upgrade from 2B. If you like it calmer or want to be closer to stairs and elevators, it would be a downgrade. Royal considers it a more desirable category because they do charge more.

What does BB mean on a cruise? ›

Balcony Stateroom BB cabins - Balcony.

What does 3V mean on Royal Caribbean? ›

3V - Interior Two twin beds that convert to Royal King sitting area with sofa, vanity area, and bathroom.


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